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Friday, January 17, 2014

Wrestling for Results

A company with geographically diverse locations reduced monthly telecommunications expense by renegotiating a contract with their primary carrier.  So far, so good.

Problem.  The company, and the carrier, did not follow through to carefully examine the new billing.  The company did not notice the problem, because their costs dropped.  No one had the time to verify the invoices against the contract terms.

After the company hired CMS, we caught numerous billing errors.  Wrong rates were inconsistently applied.

CMS wrestled with the carrier, and did all the legwork.  The carrier issued checks totaling $60,031.87 to the client.  The money was refunded, because CMS caught the 6 months of billing errors.  We tenaciously followed up to get the credits for our client.  The account now bills correctly.

The on-going savings, and credits from the past, belong 100% to the client.  CMS does not charge a contingency fee, or accept payments from carriers.

This may not represent a situation of every company.  But, where there are telecom and cellular problems, we will achieve measurable results.  We have since 1989.

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