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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Consolidated Bill: Better Scrutiny Yields Lower Cost

Many organizations don't have the time to carefully scrutinize consolidated billing.  

CMS discovered that a new client was paying for two point-to-point circuits.  Problem: The circuits had not been used in 10 years.  The carrier billed for these two circuits, along with other services, in a consolidated bill.  There was no red flag.  We contacted the carrier, and disconnected the circuits.  We followed through to make sure the invoice reflected the disconnects.  

If you are enjoying the convenience of a consolidated bill (also know as aggregation, or summary invoice), the carrier may be enjoying the benefit of receiving over-payment from you. 

CMS will give you complete visibility for you to know what you have, why you have it, and why you are paying that dollar amount.  CMS routinely finds unexpected hard-dollar savings for its clients.  That’s part of our job. 

You get pure savings.  No contingency commissions.  We do all the legwork.  Thorough scrutiny.  Exhaustive follow through.  Flat fee.  No change of carriers.  CMS takes the time to solve problems, and do the work, so your staff can focus on core priorities.  And, we guarantee to deliver monthly hard-dollar savings.   

Please visit us at   Feel free to discuss your situation with us, call (503) 972-9999.  Thank you.