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Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Service is Expensive

The logical part of your brain gives you the message: Distrust interested advice.  Anyone who wants to sell telecom or cellular services to you is biased, because they will get paid by the carrier, not by you.  They offer interested advice.

It's financially healthy to be a skeptic at this point.

You are told by your sales agent, "We are carrier neutral, and we represent all carriers equally."  Really?  All carriers?  Equally?  Do all carriers pay the same commission rates and sign up bonuses?  There is a built-in conflict of interest with commission-based advice.

"Free service."  You get what you pay for.  The carrier gets what it pays for.  Does it make sense to have a sales agent manage inventory and scrutinize the bills on which they receive commissions?

It is simple.  If your objective is to simultaneously: 1) Reduce your hard-dollar costs, 2) Offload at least 90% of your telecom and cellular administration and accounting, 3) Gain and keep 100% accuracy of inventory, invoices, contracts, expense allocation for all locations; then the seven functions of telecom management must be diligently completed.  Click here for the 7 services.

It's natural for people buy from the people they like.  Don't let the "like" increase your costs.  Buy from whom you choose, but realize that the seven functions of telecom and cellular management must be completed, or your monthly costs will be more than they should be.  That's just the way it is.