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Friday, June 29, 2012

Managing Telecom and Cellular, and Drinking Coffee

Based on experience with upper management in accounting and IT, we see the difficulty of broad responsibilities vs. limited staff time. A busy department means it's plausible that your telecom and cellular don’t get sufficient attention, which results in unnecessarily higher costs.

You and your staff can invest the time to solve the problems to lower monthly costs, but you may need to drink several cups of coffee.

There have been discrepant findings on the association between coffee consumption and risk of incident heart failure. Doctors of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit at Harvard Medical School wrote an article that appeared in "Circulation: Heart Failure," which is published by the American Heart Association.

Doctors and researchers concluded that moderate coffee consumption is inversely associated with risk of heart failure, with the largest inverse association observed for consumption of 4 servings per day. Four servings per day is about two large cups of coffee at the popular coffee chains.

Find the published article at

Go ahead and drink the coffee. Call your doctor to manage risk of heart failure.  Call CMS to manage your telecom and cellular. (503) 972-9999.  
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