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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cancel Your Corporate Cellular Accounts and Save Money

Look at your corporate cellular cost, and divide by number of devices to determine your average per device cost.  Are corporate smart phones an employee perk?  Should you pay for data plans for tablets? 

The obvious.  If an average per employee cost to your organization is $75 per month, and you transition to employee liable cellular with a $40 stipend, you save $35 per month per device.  Importantly, you simplify your organization, and eliminate the risk of fraud and overages costs. 

Save time, too.  Employee liable cell devices cut support costs.  Your staff can focus on more strategic projects.  Eliminate: Trouble tickets, move-add-change-disconnect, accessories, add new employee, terminate employee, user error support, upgrade eligible, pooling, fraud, expense code allocation, taxation issues, finding and correcting carrier errors. 

Nothing can be this easy.  There are reasons to keep corporate plans, such as HIPAA compliance, perceived data security risks, employee perceptions, company access to phone records, terminated employees keeping a corporate phone numbers, and early termination fees are some reasons why organizations choose to keep control with corporate liable cellular plans. 

Why do you have corporate cell phones?

Should you like to transition to employee liable phones, or simple reduce staff time and monthly hard-dollar costs, please contact CMS.  (503) 972-9999