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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

$209,000 Credit

A jaded CIO exclaimed, “It’s a miracle” because the carrier credited $209,000 to his company's account. 

Prior to engaging CMS, the client’s internal telecom manager had pursued this credit for 3 years.  The carrier previously refused to issue a credit, or even partial credit.   

CMS’ time, expertise, and enthusiasm resulted in the credit to client.  And, CMS has freed staff time to pursue other key objectives.  The CIO recognized CMS’ efforts, “Thanks for continuing to drive this to completion.” 

CMS never takes a commission from carrier or client. 

What if an audit company recovered this credit?  A contingency fee of 20% to 50% would have been charged. 

Pay us a flat fee for our work, and you keep 100% of the results.  

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