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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Small Problem Stealing Big Time

This specific example illustrates our attentiveness to detail and follow through.  We saved our client money, time, and aggravation.  

A telecom billing problem caused consistent aggravation.  Prior to engaging CMS services, the employees of a company spent numerous hours during a 4-month period attempting to resolve a small billing problem with a carrier for one of their office locations.  The employees’ time and distraction totaled to much greater value than the invoice error.  Aggravation with the issue continued to increase, and distracted the employees’ attention from higher priority work.

Once CMS was engaged, a CMS account manager invested 4 hours to correct the problem.  One call lasted 2 hours: hold time, transfer to supervisors, and transfer to different departments.  CMS identified that the client account had not billed on the correct carrier platform, which resulted in the unnecessary charges. 

Credit issued.  Problem solved.  

CMS eliminates at least 90% of the items on your telecom/cellular to-do list, and simultaneously reduces hard-dollar monthly costs.  We guarantee measurable results. 

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