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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dull Story about Disconnected Internet Circuits

Telecom and cellular administration can get tedious.  That is one reason why it gets ignored.  Or, sometimes it gets de-prioritized because of urgent problems.   

CMS saved a company an additional $3,533.66 per month. 

Problem.  The company’s telecom manager, the accounting staff, the telecom carriers, and the agent did not have the time or inclination to examine billing associated to circuits.

The company did not notice the over billing, because their costs had remained about the same. 

After the company hired CMS, we concluded that several internet circuits served no purpose.  The rub was that a vendor convinced the client that two specific circuits must not be issued disconnect orders.  CMS provided the client with photos showing that nothing was connected to those circuits. 

CMS wrestled with the carriers and vendors, and did all the work.  The savings belong 100% to the client.  The account now bills correctly. 

We remove at least 90% of telecom and cellular tasks from your to-do list, and simultaneously reduce your hard-dollar costs.  Click here for background.

Let us achieve measurable results for you.

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