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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The FCC Said You Lost Money

Who is investing the time to carefully scrutinize your mobile costs?

The Los Angeles Times reported in June of 2015, that, "Wireless carrier AT&T could be forced to pay $100 million after the Federal Communications Commission found that the company had slowed data networks for unlimited plan holders without informing them, the agency said Wednesday.  Since 2011, thousands of customers had complained to the FCC that AT&T had drastically reduced their network speeds . . .

'Consumers deserve to get what they pay for,' said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in a statement. 'The FCC will not stand idly by while consumers are deceived by misleading marketing materials and insufficient disclosure.'

The proposed fine represents the largest in FCC history, according to FCC spokesman Neil Grace, and was calculated after the agency estimated that AT&T had earned billions from locking consumers into plans falsely advertised as 'unlimited.'"

The previous month, in May 2015, the Los Angeles Times also reported that all four major wireless carriers overcharged their clients, "Verizon and Sprint are paying a combined $158 million to settle investigations into unauthorized charges placed on their customers' phone bills. The practice is known as 'cramming,' and with [this] announcement, the Federal Communications Commission has now made cramming settlements with all four major wireless carriers — AT&T settled in October for $105 million, and T-Mobile settled in December for $90 million. Of [the] $158 million, $90 million will come from Verizon and $68 million will come from Sprint."

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